2021 NuFeet® Ambassador BYOB Class Schedule
3636 Highlands Pkwy SE, Smyrna, GA 30082
January 24/25
February 21/22
March 21/22
April 18/19
May 23/24
June 13/14
July 11/12
August 22/23
September 19/20
October 24/25
November 14/15
December 12 /13
Become an extension of NuFeet®, and keep your own identity. You will get 10% off all products, supplies and future training. You will be added in NAN (NuFeet®, Ambassador Network) which will allow potential clients in your area to be able to reach out to a NuFeet®, Ambassador in their area. You will receive over $1400 in products and supplies to get you started. This class is perfect for anyone serious about becoming a Medical Pedicurist. This class will take you straight to the top without all the bumps and bruises. Get your six figure OR seven figure business going today.
You will learn:
-Medical Pedicures and Nail Restoration Services
-Medical Pedicure and Nail Restoration LIVE Observation
-Sterilization and Disinfection
-NuFeet® Ambassador Box Opening
-Podiatry Portal ™ - Integration of Pedicurist and  Podiatry
-Foot Assessments
-Specialized Business Coaching
-Marketing and Advertising
-NuFeet® Ambassador Network
	- Please read.: You must be a State Licensed Nail Technician with extra certifications such as MNT (Medical Nail Technician), CMP (Certified Master Pedicurist), FNT or a Podiatrist to receive the actual NuFeet Ambassador Certification. You can still take the class if you are a State Licensed Nail Technician, but you will not receive your certification until you receive such certifications. If you would like more information on how to get your Medical Nail Technician certification. Please e-mail me at nufeetpedicures@gmail.com.

NuFeet® Ambassador


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