• Erika Allison, MNT

Nail Restoration Application Virtual Training

Using NuFeets Transformation Gel and Nail Restoration System, you will learn the art of toe-friendly nail enhancements through a LIVE demo. Purchase now and get your Tranformation Gel Kit (Included).

Nail Restoration Application session

Reserve your spot for Monday at 3pm by clicking here. https://www.nufeetmedispa.com/product-page/transformation-gel-nail-restoration-virtual-training

Nail Restoration System session

Prior to this virtual training session at 12pm I will be holding a quick 1 hour 15 min presentation with Q&A about the Nail Restoration System which I recommend taking if you plan on taking the application session.

You can register by clicking here. https://www.nufeetmedispa.com/product-page/nail-restoration-s-y-s-t-e-m

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Anyone can take the class, but you need to be a State Licensed Nail Technician in your State or have the necessary licensure in order to perform any of my services on a real person.


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