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NuFeet Training Workshop

Waterless Pedicures


If you are interested in learning how to do waterless pedicures this is the workshop for you. With this quick training course you will learn the basics of our signature waterless pedicures, making you stand out more than than just a "regular nail technician."

Medical Pedicures


Medical Pedicure are growing fast in the beauty industry. Be one of the the few that are targeting a market that seriously needs your help. Focusing on discolored lifting nails, diabetic foot care and how you can partner with Podiatrist.

Nail Restoration


A great service to add while keeping your clients safe. I have been known for my nail restoration and how I change peoples lives within 1 hour. You can do the same after this quick workshop. Get stunning before and after photos and bring people out of hiding while showcasing your work.

Please fill out this Nail Technician Registration after you have reserved your seat and e-mail it to nufeetmedispa@yahoo.com

I have had many opportunities to have investors help me turn NuFeet into a franchise. I went back and forth with it for years. Even with million dollar deals being thrown at me, franchising NuFeet could definitely be successful but not for many years. There is people that need my services urgently, so urgent that I would much rather offer to teach skills in my workshop and put more nail technicians in the world to service these people more quickly. To me, that is a  better way of franchising my company. I have made my workshops affordable and have broken them up so that all state licensed nail technicians are able to join.  - Erika Allison, Medical Nail Technician