NuFeet ambassadors

NuFeet Ambassadors have had personal training on the NuFeet Medical Pedicure technique, Toenail Restoration System and Application.  NuFeet Ambassadors are not required to strictly sell NuFeet products, but recommended they do the technique taught with the NuFeet products.  Ambassadors are not a franchise of NuFeet and are not employees but have been trained first hand on the NuFeet technique and products used.  All Ambassadors have been trained and provide Podiatry Portal services. Except Texas.

Melanie Eggleston - Owings Mills, MD

(410) 878-3292

10200 Grand Central Avenue



Rifat Rony, MNT - Woodstock, GA

(770) 876-3778

1105 Parkside Ln #1000-15